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TIEM Slipstream Cycling Shoe Review

If you’re stumbling on Laurel and Iron for the first time, welcome! My name is Lauren and I have a serious spin class addiction. You can find evidence of this deep obsession over on my Instagram!

When I first started cycling in June 2018, I was fine just wearing my sneakers to class but after 6 months of pedaling, I wanted to get more out of my workouts. I did some research and learned about the benefits of clipping in on a stationary bike. I learned that those pricey shoes weren’t just an accessory. They would actually help me get a better ride by taking full advantage of the power of my upstrokes.

So, I began researching the best cycling shoes for someone like me - someone with no interest in racing who mainly cycles indoors but wants the flexibility to take it out side in the warm weather, too. That’s when I first stumbled across TIEM Slipstream Cycling Shoes.

After checking them out online, I noticed that many of the women at my studio were sporting TIEMs. So, I started ask around and everyone, including some of my instructors, had great reviews.

In October 2018, I was ready to make the investment and I couldn’t be happier!

TIEM Slipstream Cycling Shoe Review  | Laurel and Iron

I love that from above the just look like sneakers. The slip-on design and Velcro strap make them easy to get on and off. The breathable mesh top makes them comfortable even during long rides.

TIEM Slipstream Cycling Shoe Review | Laurel and Iron

Even from the side, these still look like regular sneakers. I love that cleats are set in so that you can walk comfortably off the bike, unlike traditional cycling shoes.

TIEM Slipstream Cycling Shoe Review | Laurel and Iron

The sturdy treads mean you won’t slide on slippery studio floors. These limited-edition Dusty Pink cycling shoes are still available but they have tons of colors to choose from. I absolutely love this color and I’ve gotten so many compliments on them. And honestly, I find they match just about everything.

According to the sizing chart, you should size down one-half size. I am normally an 8.5 in women’s shoes and ordered size 8. They fit great. There is a break in period. It took about 6 classes for me to feel like they were good to go.

I do think that the shoes have improved my stability as well as increased the efficiency I get from my pedal strokes. I genuinely feel like this was a good investment that has allowed me to get more joy from my cycling experience. At $130 a pair, they certainly are an investment but I spin 4-5 times a week. If you love cycling, I recommend checking out TIEMs. They may be the perfect shoe for you.

I do not, however, recommend purchasing your cleats from the TIEM website. You can kind the exact same cleats* from Amazon for a fraction of the cost. I had mine installed at my local bike shop for $5.

Do you have your own cycling shoes? Tell me all about them in the comments below.

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TIEM Slipsteram Cycling Shoe Review | Laurel and Iron
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