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What You Actually Need to Pack for Your Short Flight!

What You Actually Need to Pack for Your Short Flight!

When my sister moved to Philadelphia and then Florida, I went from flying 1-2 times a year to flying upwards of 6 times per year. So, I’ve gotten really good a packing just what I really need for flight depending on the length.

Here’s what you actually need for a flight less than 6 hours!

In Flight Essentials to Keep You Healthy

Even on a quick flight, I would never board a plane without these first four essentials!

An emtpy water bottle - clear bottles, like this one*, make it easy for TSA agents to see that you aren’t carrying any liquids. I’ve never had an trouble at security with an empty water bottle. I prefer this to purchasing a water bottle once I’m at my gate because it saves money, saves plastic, and most airports have refilling stations! Staying hydrated on the plane will help you stay healthy.

Emergen-C*: After I’ve filled my water bottle, I like to drink a packet of a Emergen-C before boarding the plane to give myself a little boost of immune supporting vitamins.

Zinc Supplements:* While in the air, I take a zinc supplement every 2 hours for the same reason - to keep me from getting sick.

Cough drops*: Because airplanes tend to be quite dry, I always carry a few cough drops to soothe a sore throat or cough.

In Flight Essentials

Lip balm: I don’t really go anywhere without a lip balm of some sort. This First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy* is heavy duty - which is why it’s my favorite for travel. There is nothing worse than dry lips!

Lotion: A multi-purpose lotion like the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream* in a travel size makes a great addition to your bag to keep dry skin at bay.

Hair Tie*: Once I’m on a plane, I like to get really comfy. For me that means, hair out of my face. I like to sweep it into a messy bun or a French braid. So, I keep at least one hair tie handy.

A snack: Never get on a plane without a healthy snack at hand. Even if you’re flight is under two hours. If you get delayed at the gate or while taxiing on the run way and hunger strikes, you’ll be prepared. Larabars* are my go-to!

Gum*: My ears pop badly when I fly. So, I always pack gum. It’s also great to refresh your breath once you arrive at your final destination.

In Flight Essentials to Keep You Entertained | Laurel and Iron

A Kindle* or Book: Flights are a great opportunity to completely unplug. I love my Kindle because I can carry more than one book at a time but paper backs are great, too!

Power Bank: Since I’m often traveling alone, I never want to be without my phone. This external charger can re-charge your phone 2.5 times. I keep it on hand just in case!

Notebook* and a Pen: I’m a pen and paper kind of girl. If I have a thought, a gratitude, or an idea, I like to be able to jot it down the old fashioned way. So, I carry a pen, pencil, and a small notebook. You never know when blog post inspiration will strike! If you’re a digital kinda of gal, you could totally skip this!

Podcasts: Before I head to the airport, I make sure to download the newest episodes of my favorite podcasts in case I don’t feel like reading or need a little white noise to take a nap. Check out my recommendations here!

Wireless Headphones: I’m one of those lucky people who basically fall asleep anywhere so I love a good plane nap! Wireless headphones really changed the game. I can put my phone safely in my bag and no longer have to worry about dropping it once I fall asleep! It’s happened too many times to count. Trust me, you don’t want to crawl around on the floor of an airplane searching for your phone. It’s gross down there.

In Flight Essentials - Putting it all together

Pop everything you need into a small zip up case* or a spare cosmetics bag to keep everything neat and tidy!

In Flight Essentials to Keep You Cozy

A big scarf: It’s a universal truth that airplanes are either too hot or too cold. To combat this, I dress in light layers and always bring a scarf large enough to double as blanket!

Neck Pillow*: Like I said, I love to nap on airplanes but I also love to read. So, the pillow doubles a place to prop my Kindle for comfy reading positions.

In Flight Essentials in a Bag

By packing light, I am able to have everything I could want or need during a flight right at my feet. Totes are perfect for stowing under the seat in front of you! I love this Vince Camuto tote bag* that came in my FabFitFun* box! All I need to add is my phone, my passport, and my wallet and I’m ready to head off to my next destination.

What do you pack for your flights? Tell me in the comments below!

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What you actually need to pack in your personal item for a short flight! | Laurel and Iron
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