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no spend weekend part 2

no spend weekend part 2

If you haven’t read No Spend Weekend Part 1, I highly recommend you jump on over here and give it a quick read! If you have already read Part 1, welcome back! Are you ready to hear about my 48 hour no spend challenge?

Kate Spade Wallet ( similar here *)

Kate Spade Wallet (similar here*)


0930: Tone and Trim class for me! Thomas slept in after staying up all night shoveling snow. I’m so exceedingly happy with my recent decision to become an unlimited monthly member at Reve Cycling Studio! I love this place and I love Tone and Trim with Amber! She seriously kicked my booty. It was a fantastic way to start off my weekend.

1030: Breakfast! Being prepared makes all the difference. We had plenty of eggs, bread, avocados, and coffee on hand for a great start to our morning. I love a good brunch out as much as the next basic bitch but breakfast at home with my boo and our fur babies, priceless.

1400: Book club! My co-workers and I recently started a self-improvement book club and had our first official meeting at Tandem Coffee Roasters. As much as it would have been nice to indulge in a pretty latte (for the Gram, of course!), I had coffee at home and brought a bottle of water and Larabar* with me. Normally, I wouldn’t dream of taking up space in a locally-owned cafe without purchasing something. It made me feel a little uncomfortable to do so but I had to let it go. With 5 of my co-workers all making purchases, I felt a little less guilty. They even offered to purchase me a coffee, because they are wonderful people, but I thought that might defeat the purpose. I’m proud of myself for sticking it out!

1700: The Boo and I drove down to Kennebunkport to see the Paint the Town Red lights. Basically, the entire, already ridiculously romantic town, gets a Valentine’s Day make over. We were lucky that the weather held out and it was slightly above freezing. We downloaded a podcast for our ride and hit the road at sunset. We got to enjoy all the red hearts, lights, and cupids. It was so lovely to walk around and talk and laugh. However, turns out, we wanted to go EVERYWHERE. Being the foodie people that we are, we walked away with a list of about 12 places we want to try. If you’re rolling your eyes at me, it’s well deserved. The irony is not lost on me.

If you’re not on a no spend weekend, Kennebunkport in the winter is an actual wonderland. Definitely worth a visit.

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Grand Hotel Kennebunkport.jpg
KPT Heart.jpg

1900: We headed home to make dinner. On the menu, Vodka Brambles (get my recipe here!), steak, cauliflower gnocchi with kale pesto, and salad. I don’t mean to brag but my Boo can make a steak. Dinner was perfecto. I live in the 2018 Bon Apetit Restaurant City of the Year. There is fantastic food here but I can make fantastic food, too! With the help of some Trader Joe’s shortcuts, like the cauliflower gnocchi and vegan kale pesto, we had an amazing dinner on the table in less than 45 minutes (the average wait time a Portland hot spot on a Saturday!).

Saturday Night No Spend Dinner.jpg

2100: In December, we threw two Christmas parties at my house. This resulted an excess of wine at my place. So, we dived into a Malbec left by a party-goer. We spent the evening curled up on the couch drinking wine, snuggling with the dogs, and watching Trailer Park Boys on Netflix. I couldn’t have asked to for a more perfect end to our evening.


1030: Spin class for me! This is what weekends are made of!

1200: Brunch - coffee and left over gnocchi and greens. Super easy. Super good. And nothing went to waste!

1400: We went to explore the Portland Maker’s Market at Thompson’s Point. The Market happens once a month and I’ve been dying to check it out. Going on a No-Buy weekend seems silly but I had fun! Plus there was free food samples so, ya know, I was happy! I definitely want to go back again. The Market is full of local artists, farmers, and antique dealers. There was some seriously beautiful pieces there. I can’t wait to go back again.

1500: The Boo and I swung home to grab the dogs and headed to The Portland Headlight at Fort Williams Park. It’s one of our favorite Portland area spots. This public park is full of history and gorgeous sights. Plus, one of Maine’s most iconic light houses. The dogs got to run around and we got to enjoy some beautiful ocean views and fresh air.

1630: We headed home from the park and I got hit by a sudden, horrible headache and sore throat. I went down for a nap and woke up with a low grade fever. I tucked back into bed with my essential oils, a heating pad, and lots of water.

1800: Boo brought me some crackers and more water for dinner. I fell asleep watching The Bachelor on Hulu. Not the most exciting end to our weekend but, that’s real life. And life doesn’t always go as planned.

The weekend ended with me wrapped up in 12 blankets with the dogs by my side but I’m so glad we took a stab at this No Spend Challenge!

I think we both learned a lot about ourselves, each other, and how we spend our money. All in all - it was a great weekend. I definitely think we’d try it again! Perhaps, when the snow melts and the city comes back to life, we’ll do a Spring No Spend Weekend!

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rituals: gratitude journaling

rituals: gratitude journaling

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