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buzz worthy: my (current) favorite podcasts

I have a very, very short commute. It’s both a blessing (I can hit snooze 15 times and still make it to work on time) and a curse (I have to drive past my workplace all time - I never get a total mental break from the building of doom).

So, I’m not your traditional podcast listener. I make time to listen to podcasts beyond my commute since I basically don’t have one. I listen to podcasts while I walk the dog, make dinner, take a shower, fold laundry, dance around my living room in my PJs. You get the idea.

So, here’s what I’m listening to lately. And why I find them worthy of my precious time.


The Betchelor : Ok, ok, I’m basic AF. I don’t care who knows it. I LOVE THE BACHELOR FRANCHISE. I’m young, successful, and smart. And I love me some good old fashion trash television. The obsession doesn’t stop there. The Betchelor, which is recorded during the seasons, is basically a lighthearted recap show. If you want to catch up on all the Bachelor Universe drama, listen in as Kay and Derek, of Bachelorette/BIP fame, dissect the latest episode.


Book Riot The Podcast: Hosted by Jeff and Rebecca, Book Riot contributors, this podcast is a fantastic for all types of readers. While Book Riot hosts several topic-based podcasts, The Podcast is more like a summary of everything going on in the book and publishing world. If you want great book recommendations, insights in how books come to market, what’s coming up, what’s winning awards, or just want to know what to read next - subscribe to this one.


Call Your Girlfriend: Hosted by fearless best friends Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, CYG is the “podcast for long distance besties everywhere.” These girls are smart, sharp, and witty. They talk about everything and anything. From menstruation to politics to pop culture. If you like real talk, you’ll love CYG.


Glass Full of Soul: Wine and personal growth. Could there be a better combo? Real life friends Caitlin and Jessica talk about self-love, empowerment, and how to align with your purpose in this universe. If you’re curious about past lives, manifestation, and empaths, check out Glass Full of Soul. Grab a glass a wine and sip along as these beautiful girls explore ways to raise your vibrations.


Harder to Kill Radio: Steph Gaudreau, blogger behind Stupid Easy Paleo, is the absolute realest. She is perfectly imperfect and shares it all with you. Paleo diet enthusiast and die-hard cross-fitter, Steph has a lot to give. If you want to be come a Harder to Kill Human, I highly recommend tuning in to Steph. Her physical and mental health advice are based in science and fact. She presents them in a way that is easy to digest, understand, and apply to your daily life.


Off the Vine: Hosted by ex-Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe, this podcast started out as recap show with behind the scenes insights from the men and women who’ve been through it all before. It has evolved into a dynamic show about life, love, and friendship. Equal parts funny and sincere, Kaitlyn offers what she calls “grape therapy” - aka real talk and wine. You’ll feel like you’re listening to your best friend.


Sorry About Last Night Guys We F#@$!D: This podcast is not for the faint of heart. Gritty, nasty, and explicit but in a fantastically feminist way. If you have questions you’re afraid to ask your girlfriends about life, love, and sex, you need to know comedy duo, Corrine and Krystyna. Word to the wise, this isn’t one to listen in public.


Stuff You Should Know: This one is pretty self-explanatory. With topics ranging from fire trucks to Spanish flu, this pod cast covers all the stuff you should probably know but don’t. Pop one on when you’re in the mood to learn something new.


Your Mom’s House: I have to thank my Gentleman Caller for this one. He introduced me to YMH and I’m a full on mommy now. Tom Segura and Christina P are serious #couplegoals. This one is hard to categorize. It’s humor, current events, and a little bit of nonsense. With guests like Tom Green, you’re in for a laugh. This one is my most out there recommendation but commit to it and I promise, you’ll see what a gem this show really is.

Give me your podcast recommendations in the comments. I want to know what you’re listening to lately!

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