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 January 2019 Ins and Outs

January 2019 Ins and Outs

In 2019, I vowed to get the size of my beauty collection under control. I love, love, love to try new things and find hidden gems. I love to shout their praises from the roof top. But I already own beautiful, wonderful, stunning, amazing products. I don’t need more of any right now. So, I’ve decided to embark on a three-month long replacements only no-buy (a term coined by the fabulous Miss Hannah )

For me a no-buy is about learning to appreciate what I already own, to understand my shopping habits, to be a more critical consumer.

We are at the end of the first month So, how did I do?

I had to replace 4 items.

  1. Drunk Elephant Shaba Complex Eye Serum *($60)

  2. Ole Henriksen Uplifting Transformation Eye Creme* ($42)

  3. Urban Decay Anti-Aging Primer Potion *($24)

  4. Schmidt’s Body Wash in Bergamot +Lime* ($10) (read all about my absolute love for bergamot here)

All 4 purchases were anticipated and planned.

My total spend on personal care: $136

Yikes. Pretty high for a supposed low buy. With my pricey eye care routine out of the way, I hope that February will go even better.

On the flip side, I finished up three products this month.

  1. Renpure Originals Coconut Cream Conditioner $4
    - A pretty standard drug store conditioner. Would repurchase but wouldn’t call it holy grail. If you like coconut scents, you’ll probably dig this.

  2. Laura Mercier Translucent Set Powder* $23

    - This powder is pricey as heck! My goodness. And totally not worth it. I’m glad it’s done and out of my collection. It made my under eyes look dry and crusty. Not cute, man.

  3. Too Faced Hangover Primer (mini)* $16

    - If you can’t tell from the fact that I cut the tube open, I loved this stuff. Again, it smells like coconuts. It’s hydrating but not greasy. It’s helped my makeup go on beautifully and stay put through my long shifts. I will absolute repurchase this once I’ve worked through some of the other primers in my collection.

My empties came to a total value of $50 and I’m pretty happy with that!

Are you doing a low or no buy this year? How is it going for you so far? Let me know in the comments below.

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