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beauty: march 2019 ins and outs

beauty: march 2019 ins and outs

If you’ve been following along since January, you know that I’m on a three month strict replacements only no-buy. I started this project to help me get some use out of the many things I already own.

March marks the end of this project and I’m pretty proud of the progress I made and the things I used up. If you want to know what I purchased and what I finished in March, read on!

First, let’s talk about the things I used up this month.

Makeup I Used Up

Beauty Empties March 2019 - Laurel and Iron

Beauty Blender ($20*): This sponge has seen better days. I absolutely love applying my makeup with the Beauty Blender. I’ve tried some of the cheaper alternatives that are out there on the market and can honestly say that nothing quite compares. To save on this product, I usually splurge on a 3 or 4 pack during the Sephora VIB sale that’s held each year in November. I use Beauty Blenders to apply my foundation, cream blushes, cream highlighters, and cream bronzers. I also always go back in with my sponge after applying my setting spray to ensure that all makeup is really melted together. This one is cooked. It’s time to move on.

Makeup Forever HD Setting Powder ($35 *for full-size): I got a this sample in a Sephora play box. I feel like this is one that’s really old news. HD powders were all the rage back in 2008 - famous for the hideous flash back they give in photographs. If you like HD powders, this is a good one. It’s very finely milled and silky. Personally, I’m pretty attached to my Too Faced Peach Perfect powder*. I wouldn’t purchase this in the full size.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Bourbon ($22): I have been a die-hard UD eyeliner fan since college. These bad boys last on my watery, itchy eyes. Bourbon is mid-toned, warm brown with a hint of gold. This color is super flattering on my blue eyes and I’m sad to see it go. Because of the rules of my no-buy, I can’t replace it even though it is my only brown eyeliner. I have too many other eyeliners to get through. However, I will repurchase it in the future. It’s just a perfect brown eyeliner for me.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original ($24*): This is another ride or die product for me. I got my first Primer in college when it was in the obnoxious but cute genie bottle. I love this formula. I have oily eye lids and this stuff keeps my eyeshadows on forever. A little goes a long way and one these bad boys will last you a year with daily use. I’ve already replaced it because I don’t want to be without it.

Hair Products I Used Up

Hair Care Empties March 2019 - Laurel and Iron

Alba Botanica Drink It Up Coconut Milk Conditioner ($7*): I talked about the shampoo from this set in my February Ins and Outs. I absolutely love these products. I think they’re amazing for their price and work really well with my thick, wavy hair. I will absolutely repurchase these and look forward to exploring more from the brand.

Alterna Caviar Replenishing Moisture Conditioner ($22* for full-size, $10 for travel): This is another product I raved about in my February Ins and Outs. I found another travel size conditioner kicking around and used it up. It’s pure bliss.

Bastiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical ($8*): Dry shampoo is a must for me because I hate washing my hair. Batiste is the best you can get from the drug store. I’ve been through countless bottles of this stuff. If you don’t like coconut scents, fear not! It comes in a tons of scents. Dark hair? Batiste has you covered with the line of tinted dry shampoo. I will absolutely be repurchasing this stuff over and over and over…

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo ($44*): Oh, have mercy. This stuff is amazing. It smells amazing. It leaves your hair feeling amazing. BUT holy moly that price tag. Don’t be fooled by the size of the bottle. It contains LESS product than the Batiste. I got this in a FabFitFun* box. I’m so glad I got to try it and I enjoyed every single second of using this stuff but I go through dry shampoo at an alarming rate and I can’t justify the price since the Batiste works so well. This formula is extraordinary and if you have space in your budget for it, I think you’ll love it.

Skin Care Products I Used Up

Skin Care Empties March 2019 - Laurel and Iron

Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Deodorant Sport Luxe in Vanilla Breeze ($15*): This deodorant is just okay for me. I didn’t love it. I didn’t hate. I’ve used the regular Lavanila deodorant before and I don’t think the Sport Luxe version brought anything new to the table. I don’t feel like there is anything in this formula that justifies the price increase from the original formula. I talked about my Eden’s Garden deodorant* in my Ins and Outs last month. I much prefer that product but it’s not available in stores. If you’re curious about Lavanila deodorants, try the original formula.

The total value I got out of my collection this month: $150

Now, what I purchased in March…drum roll please…NOTHING. That’s right, I bought zero hair, makeup, or skin products in March. And I’m really happy with that.

The total value of the products I’ve used up in 2019: $492
The total value of products I’ve purchased in 2019: $177.84
Net value: +$314.16

I’m really excited about the progress I made in the last three months and I hope to keep that momentum going forward. My goal is for that net value to always be in the black for the remainder of the year. In other words, I want to be using up or getting rid of more than I’m purchasing.

What have you finished up lately?

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March 2019 Beauty Ins and Outs | Laurel and Iron
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