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are you doing your spiritual homework?

are you doing your spiritual homework?

Are you doing your spiritual homework? I know the H word brings back bad memories of childhood memories of reading Moby Dick, practicing your Spanish vocabulary, or suffering through trigonometry problems.

This kind of homework is not only a lot more fun but it is significantly more fulfilling. Spiritual homework is about developing a daily practice to align with your highest self, deepest desires, and true intentions.

It’s the kind of homework that will bring more “Ah-ha” moments than headaches.

Spiritual homework should be done daily for at least 15-20 minutes. A daily practice will help you flex and grow those self-soothing muscles so that you can become a serious spiritual gangster.

I believe that everyone needs develop a foolproof, low-stress, easy peasy spiritual homework routine because everyone deserves the opportunity to take care of their inner selves before they go off to serve their purpose in the World.

Developing a spiritual homework routine is going to look different to everyone - depending on your needs, your beliefs, your preferences. There is no wrong way to go about - as long as you’re going about it in the first place.

This practice, and it is indeed a practice, will help you to come to place where you experience higher moods, more confidence, and a better connection to self and to your higher power, whatever it may be.

Develop a spiritual homework practice and watch the number of fucks you give about things you can’t control (ie what others do, say, or feel),  don’t want to control (ie things that aren’t your business in the first place), or shouldn’t be trying to control (ie things you should be leaving up to the Universe) dwindle.

Not sure where to start? I’ve got you. Here’s a short and certainly not inclusive list of activities you can build into your practice.

Affirmations: I do affirmations daily.Make your own. Search them on Pinterest. Buy a set of affirmation cards. Pick a few and repeat out loud several times. Let each one sink in. Carry it with you throughout your day.

Are You Doing Your Spiritual Homework? Find out how spiritual homework can help you and how to do it! | Laurel and Iron

Gratitude: Write out three things you're grateful for you. Journal your thankful thoughts. Actually thank someone who has in some way contributed to your well being that day or everyday.

Learn more about gratitude journaling here.

Hypnosis: Not the silly quack like a duck on stage kind. The kind of where you enter a suggestive state, let go of your bullshit, and let your subconscious mind hear the good stuff. Check out Michael Sealy on YouTube or Manifestation Babe.

Are You Doing Your Spiritual Homework? Find out how spiritual homework can help you and how to do it! | Laurel and Iron

Intention and Goal Setting: Write it out. Be specific. Set a timeline. Get down to the “why” of it all. Find out if you’re really willing to do what it takes to accomplish said goal or are you willing to live in a world where you haven’t accomplished it? Don’t worry so much about the how. The ultimate how is up to the Universe but get really clear about your desires and take one actionable step towards that goal.

Are You Doing Your Spiritual Homework? Find out how spiritual homework can help you and how to do it! | Laurel and Iron

Journaling .Maybe you need to rant about how awful your co-worker is. Get it all out. Let the paper and ink take on the burden of remembering. Then release it. Let it go. Maybe you want to savor the details of an amazing day. Write it all down. The sights, sounds, smells, flavors, and feelings. Relax in knowing that you will now have every bit of that memory preserved. Create a little space for new details about new adventures. Don’t have something to say? Find a quote or passage that rings true to you and write it over and over.

Meditations: I find guided to be best but maybe you have the most amazing meditation muscle and you can fly solo. Whatever suits you. Find some on YouTube or iTunes. Find one that gets really specific to whatever is haunting you or one that simply soothes you. Remember that meditation takes serious practice to master. So, under no circumstances, are you allowed to feel bad or get frustrated if you struggle to keep your mind focused.

Are You Doing Your Spiritual Homework? Why spiritual homework will strengthen you and how to do it! | Laurel and Iron

Quiet Exercise: Go for a walk, bike, run, or swim by yourself (or maybe with your dog) and without technology. Enjoy nature. Listen to and take in the sounds surrounding you. Tune into your thoughts. Notice what pops up without judgement. If the thoughts don’t serve you, acknowledge them and send them on their way.

Prayer: To God. To Buddha. To Allah. To Vishnu. To the Universe. To the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The who isn’t important to me as long as the who is important to you. Offer gratitude, ask forgiveness, ask for help, ask for what you want and need. Get right with whatever higher power you believe in.

Are You Doing Your Spiritual Homework? Why spiritual homework will strengthen you and how to do it! | Laurel and Iron

Reading (or listening to an audiobook/podcast): Maybe a self-improvement book. Maybe a book, blog post, or podcast related to one of the other practices listed here. Maybe a sacred text. Maybe Harry Potter. Read something that you feel brings you peace and joy. Read something that you feel brings something to the table and makes you stronger.

Visualizations: Imagine your ideal job, partner, home, car, or life. Walk through that image and experience how it feels to have that thing you want. Express gratitude for it as if you already have it. Or make a physical representation through the art of vision boards. Cut out and paste your desires. Hang it proudly. Revisit and revise as needed.

If some of these practices appeal to you, take them and make them their own. If there is something you think would benefit you but I haven’t listed, share in the comments below.

Whether you do one practice everyday for 15 minutes, or three for 15 minutes each, or switch it up everyday, there is no wrong here. It is about what feels good to you in the moment. I recommend writing up your list of spiritual practices to have on hand for those days where nothing feels good. Pick at random or pick the thing that sounds the least appealing to you.

Don’t beat yourself up if something does work or what worked last week doesn’t work today. If nothing I’ve listed resonates with you, that’s okay, too. Find something that does. Take at least 15 minute a day to dedicate to being your absolute best self and watch what happens. I’m willing to bet it’s something great.

Tell me about your spiritual practices in the comments below!

Are you doing your spiritual homework? How doing spiritual homework will give you strength and how to do it! | Laurel and Iron
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