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top 5: essential oil blends for cold and flu season

top 5: essential oil blends for cold and flu season

Last week the plague crept through my department. Slowly but surely the entire crew began dropping like flies. Symptoms ranged from sore throats to fevers to GI upset and everything in between.

Determined not to get sick, I hit my cold and flu remedy routine hard last weekend. As soon as I had the slightest tickle in the back of my throat, I was loading up on Vitamin C, Zinc, water, and of course, essential oils.

best Eden's Garden Synergy blends for cold and flu season.jpg

Diffusing essential oils serve two purposes for me: delivering a light mist of soothing goodness and acting as a much needed humidifier.

I like to switch up my diffuser blends regularly but in these times of trouble, I’ve been relying on a couple of blends to keep me healthy! Here are my top 5 essential oil blends for cold and flu season!

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top 5 essential oil blends - breathe easier.jpg

Breathe Easier by Eden’s Garden* : With notes of lemon, peppermint, and eucalyptus, this blend packs a punch. Sometimes, I diffuse it. Sometimes, I simply open the bottle and take a whiff. Either way, this blend seriously clears out my nasal passages. Inhale deeply and feel the sweet relief. Of the blends on the list, Breathe Easier is the most approachable. The aroma is delicate and familiar - a great place to start for oil newbies with sinus troubles.

top 5 essential oil blends - deep breath.jpg

Deep Breath by Eden’s Garden*: This 8 aroma blend is Breathe Easier’s bigger, badder sister. With top notes of laurel (woot!), peppermint, tea tree, and eucalyptus, Deep Breath will clear even your deepest congestion. Reminiscent of Vick’s Vapor Rub, Deep Breath can be used to soothe serious coughs. Mix into your favorite carrier oil or an unscented body oil and apply to your chest or diffuse intermittently.

top 5 essential oil blends - fighting five.jpg

Fighting Five by Eden’s Garden*: Lemon, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Clove and Eucalyptus come together in this powerhouse blend to provide immune support and banish germs. Try diffusing on its own to prevent a cold when everyone else around you is sick or mix with Deep Breath when a cold has already settled in for great night time relief. It can also be used to make a DIY cleaner to eliminate bacteria from the surfaces in your home

top 5 essential oil blends - good night.jpg

Good Night by Eden’s Garden*: This big blend includes a few of my all time favorites - lavender, bergamot, and lime. It is one of my all-time favorite Syngery Blends from Eden’s Garden. This stuff will help you fall asleep peacefully. And what’s better for keeping sickness at bay than a good night’s sleep. Diffuse alone to put a stop to your tossing and turning or with Breathe Easier when your cold is keeping you up at night. You can even use it to make a delightful DIY pillow spray.

top 5 essential oil blends - guardian.jpg

Guardian by Eden’s Garden*: Much like Deep Breath and Breathe Easier are sister blends, Fighting Five and Guardian give similar vibes. Guardian boasts higher concentrations of germ-fighting Cinnamon and Clove and adds a forward citrus note with Orange oil. If Fighting Five isn’t cutting it, diffuse Guardian in its place.

What are you diffusing to keep germs at bay this season?

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